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SEO web design is attractive and compelling websites that rank high in search results for your keywords. Design your website with our Clean Code Advantage and leave your competition in the dust!

No promises, just proven results.

We design conversion optimized websites for ecommerce, lead generation and service-based companies, like yours.

"Gone are the days where all it took was a URL, fancy Flash graphics, and an expensive advertising campaign to temporarily boost traffic."

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What is SEO?

By now, you've heard a lot about SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization, Although it is a broad subject, at it's core it is simply the web design technique that gets you found in search engines for your keywords. Preferably, at the top of search results, or top organic SERP (Search Engine Results Placement), because that's where the money is. You know you need to get found on the web to connect with people searching for what you have to offer, so let's get started!

"Anybody can make a website, but only the guy at the top can get you there!" - Alex Rogers, ProteinFactory

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Derek Emery of CashForCarsLosAngeles.com

Dennis Goddard of DennisBuysCars.com

The Proof: SEO Web Design Gets Top Organic SERP

Where the Money Is!

Rather than fret about keeping up with Google and Bing's ever-changing algorithms, do yourself a favor and first just focus on creating a first-class website. This, in essence, is the secret to stellar on-site SEO. It's also the secret to creating high conversion rates, great customer loyalty, and impressive analytics.

Get NWW's Clean Code Advantage and Leave Your Competition In the Dust

Web design with SEO in mind means that search engine optimization (SEO) is built into your website from the ground up. This is known as "on-page" SEO as opposed to "off-page" SEO like ppc (Adwords), social media and link building campaigns.


On-Page SEO Is The Strong Foundation For Your Web Marketing Strategy

Find out how NicksWebWorks' SEO web design can save you thousands in PPC costs and leverage your on-page SEO investment exponentially.

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Web Design Portfolio

Dennis Buys Cars Los Angeles Cash For Cars Laguna Beach screen shot by nickswebworks.com Urgent Care Los Angeles home page design by Nick Sharpe of nickswebworks.com
Acupuncture Los Angeles Website SEO Web Design Cash For Cars San Diego

Web Design with SEO in Mind is vigorously market researched visual and graphic design techniques that have proven to inspire action. What's the use of being at the top of SERP if nobody is clicking on your offer? That's why "User Experience" (UX) and "User Interface" (UI) have to work in concert to help you realize your business goals.

That said, view live websites that not only look good and rank high in organic SERP but, more importantly, convert! Go ahead and click on any of the thumbnails in this section. You will notice a web design technique that compels the searcher to look further or take action right away (there's psychological factors involved. Feel free to ask)

Mobile Responsive SEO Web Design

Look Great On Every Device From iPhone to 60" flat screen HDTV

View some of the examples at right, both static custom hand coded html and WordPress using customised themes. All NWW mobile responsive web design looks great on everything from iPhone to 60" flat screen HDTV!

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SEO Web Design Gets Top Organic SERP For the Long Run

"This is not some short term, spammy technique. If you do it the right way then it's the lasting way and your site will stay there at the top with Google indefinitely and that is big, big, big advantage! "

Beautiful Graphics + Killer Code = Increased Revenues

You can have an attractive website and killer on-page SEO without the web designer going to war with your SEO guy (that's a story for another time).

It's always better when your web designer IS the SEO guy.

"On-Page" Search Engine Optimization is the most critical piece of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) puzzle.

Case Studies

Pandas and Penguins

Cartoon Panda and Penguin with hearts love nicks web works seo web design

Join the Conversation

It's good to be in on the conversation in your market niche. Seek out blogs, forums and others where you can share your 2 cents. That investment could bring you high value backlinks that could raise your PR, your SERP and ultimately, your bottom line. Below is a link to a blog that webmasters and business people curious about the mysteries of SEO read and comment. Enjoy!

SPN - Tech, Social Media & Search Engine News

LOVE NWW's SEO Web Design

Web design done right means that search engines will find your website and rank it higher. Nick Sharpe has developed a web design system that Google loves with on page web design techniques that are not implemented by most of your online competition.

NWW's Clean Code Advantage

Get the Clean Code Advantage and save thousands in monthly PPC costs. Leverage your SEM (search engine marketing) investment exponentially while boosting your annual bottom line earnings. NWW websites have a proven ROI of 10 times (usually a lot more) what you invested within the space of a year or less. Why wait? Get NicksWebWorks' seo web design today.

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Mobile Responsive Web Design For Top Mobile SERP

Still Using Flash? Update Your Website to HTML5 for iPhone and iPad

screen shot of Lady Bret custom word press web design

"I am so happy with Nick's Webworks! He did an amazing job! If you still have a Flash website that can't be seen on iPads and iPhones, update your website to HTML5!"
- "Lady Bret" Crain

In the entertainment biz, the iPad is king! You could have a website that looks amazing in Flash, but is totally invisible on iPhone/iPod/iPad.

convert flash website to iPhone iPad friendly HTML5 and CSS3 mobile responsive webdesign

Google Says Make Your Website Mobile Ready and Get Found On The World's Most Popular Platform

Almighty Google has changed the search algo once again but this time it's about Mobile Responsive Web Design

Market research indicates tablet use is increasing by leaps and bounds, so it only makes sense that your website is built with the best on-page factors that will display beautifully on multiple devices to effectively promote what you have to offer.

With millions of mobile shoppers online and more coming, doesn't it make sense to have your best foot forward in the palm of their hand?

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Google Loves Nick's Logos and Graphics

What You GET with NicksWebWorks Web Design

What We Do For You

  1. WEB DESIGN complete, from your all important logo to the final html tag
  2. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION baked into the code, your website is built with SEO from the ground up, not added on!
  3. COMPETITIVE RESEARCH We study who's who in your market niche with our latest SEO spy software, find out how they got to the top of SERP, then apply that information to your web design.
  4. CONTENT that Google loves is written by humans that can actually read and write! We are our own "spell-check"!
  5. CLEAN CODE ADVANTAGE- We design your web pages with the cleanest html5 code. We can convert your Flash web site (which CAN'T BE VIEWED on iPad or iPhone) to modern HTML5 and CSS3.
  6. GOOGLE FRIENDLY CUSTOM GRAPHICS - We tag all images with market researched keywords so Google, Yahoo and bing can find you!
  7. PROVEN WEB DESIGN TECHNIQUE - Put the "Clean Code Advantage" to work for you today! Every minute you wait is a business opportunity lost.

"Hey! works for me!" - Nick Sharpe

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