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Web design with SEO in mind gets proven results wherever your business is located. We design web sites for all levels of business and geography, from static "brochure" websites ("hanging out a shingle") to fully dynamic eCommerce solutions. Our proven web design techniques employ industry best practices that result in highest organic search engine results placement (SERP) for our clients' websites.

Cheap Web Design Costs More Than You Paid For It

Market research has shown that if you are not in the top 5 of search results for you keywords/ market niche, the chances of getting clicks diminishes rapidly, costing you lots of money in lost business opportunity. To be successful in today's economy, your website not only has to rank high in search results, but also convert visitors into customers. Every web design assignment we do, from hand coded html and css to WordPress and other CMS solutions, get the Clean Code Advantage built in. This is a web design code technique that Google prefers and ranks higher. Give your website the strong foundation from which to build your SEM (search engine marketing) strategy. Proper on-page SEO technique has proven to leverage your ppc and back link investments exponentially. Contact us now for free web design consultation and website analysis.

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So How Do We Get To the Top Of Search Results?

NWW 20pt. SEO Web Design Checklist

SEO Tip #6

exerpted from email to new client

" ... The list thing is called a "sidebar". This is important for so many reasons and in so many ways. For Google, internal linking to relevant content gives your website more "juice". The more relevant content you have, the more authority you'll have. That means "trust" in Google's eyes. The way I write content engenders trust in you readers' eyes, also. It takes longer than computer generated crap, but quality always wins in the end.

"That also means we're going to be adding more pages as we go on, including your blog posts and articles. More pages, Google likes. And changes, too. If it seems like you're always adding something (keeping your content fresh), then Google ranks high because its newsworthy."

Web Design with SEO in Mind - Proven Results

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